About us

It’s our mission at the Box Plus Network to give you more music than anyone else!

Essential for EVERY music and pop culture fan, The Box Plus app has the best of our content in one easy place. Watch live TV wherever you are from our 7 UK channels, The Box, Box Upfront, Box Hits, 4Music, Kiss, Magic, and Kerrang!, . If that’s not enough, we’ve curated a selection of on-demand music and entertainment shows that are hot right now – as well as viral vids from our spanking new digital channel, BeBox.

Contact us

Talk to us! Send over any comments or burning questions you have about The Box Plus App, our content, services or anything else you want to shout about.

Email: hello@boxplus.com

Or snail mail: The Box Plus Network, Francis House, 11 Francis Street, London SW1P 1DE


Some programmes and live streams may include adverts at the start or during breaks in a show. Our side of the deal, we’ll try to serve up some great music and pop-culture content. Your side is just enjoy the content and maybe watch an ad or two.

Parental Controls

Under 18? Some of our programmes will start with a parental guidance or warning label before you can watch.

If you’re over 18, you’ll have the option to confirm this before you play a video.

Streaming over mobile networks (Edge, 2G, 3G or 4G)

The Box Plus App is completely FREE to use, but if you’re streaming content using your mobile data (e.g. 3G or 4G) instead of Wi-Fi, your mobile operator may charge you separately for your data usage.

Check with your mobile network for your data allowance or cap.

For best results, we recommend streaming using Wi-Fi.

Why are some programmes not available for streaming?

We need to acquire specific rights for each programme in order to show it on a particular device. If your favourite show isn’t available to watch, it might not be available for this device. The Box Plus app only supports watching programmes in the UK right now, too.

Favourites, History and Reminders

Save your favourite shows! We’ve made it easy on the Box Plus App so you can find and watch your regular shows in one handy place.

To view your Favourites, go to the Main menu and select Favourites from the drop-down list.

To remove an item from your Favourites you can do this directly from the programme detail page or your Favourites page.

Missed something? We’ll automatically back-up your viewing history so you can pick up where you left off.

You can resume viewing partially watched programmes by clicking on the Recently Watched carousel on the homepage of the App.

Need a reminder? You can set one up for programmes which are available for live streaming. When a programme is about to start, a reminder will pop up on your device while you’re in-app to prompt you to switch to the live channel on the app.

Each of these features only work on one single device. If you use the Box Plus App services on more than one device you will need to set-up and save your preferences for each different device.

Minimum operating requirements

Our app is available to download on the following platforms:

Now TV: find our app (channel) under Streaming Channels > Film and TV

iOS: download from the iTunes App Store, available on iOS 8.0 and higher

Android: download from Google Play store, available on 4.1 and higher

EE TV: find our app in the on demand apps area (note: the app currently only supports Live streams, we will be bringing you on demand content soon!)

www.boxplus.com: available across all modern browsers on desktop, mobile and tablet devices (although for best viewing experience on your mobile or tablet we recommend you download the app)