●      With a visual refresh, The Box Plus Network’s KISS TV brand embodies ‘Party to the beat of the UK’ spirit as part of its latest update

●      Bass music talent DJ/producer Shookz creates customised audio idents to complement visuals

London, January 4, 2017: An iconic brand in UK media, KISS TV – part of The Box Plus Network, the UK’s most-watched music video network – has undergone a design transformation.

KISS stands at the forefront of mainstream and urban music as the UK’s No.1 urban and dance floor channel and today The Box Plus Network is excited to reveal the brand’s new on-air identity.

There are four main strands that pay homage to the synergy between fashion and music, each intertwined with a distinctive party mood: bling, club, pop and urban that also reflect the range of the channel’s music policy. The brand is taken into an abstract, intergalactic world, on a journey of high energy, form and colour.

‘Bling’ brings the luxe of hip hop and glam pop with reflective, glittering, metallic textures and fluid, melding animations. ‘Club’ embodies the energy of house and techno, glowing lights and lasers, and repetitive beating movements.

‘Pop’ provides imagery derived from pop funk and pop rap, colourful, vibrant hues, and frenetic, bold animations. Finally, ‘urban’ ident draws inspiration from garage and grime, with dark, moody tones lit up with molten lava and animated at an explosive pace.

Within the animations, two objects touch – representing a ‘kiss’ – to create a chain reaction culminating in a distinctive logo resolve. The faceted and folding mechanic is used as a constant to create a familiar thread across the four distinct looks – showcasing four facets of the one channel.

Specially composed tracks by Nottingham Bass DJ/producer Shookz – one of the Midlands’ most diverse and exciting musical talents – adds multi-dimensional layers to the four idents.  Inspiration for these tracks has come from youth production workshops, Shookz’s remix work, and his immersion in a range of sub-genres of electronic dance music.

Key findings from The Box Plus Network’s latest Brand Tracker have been incorporated into the refresh brief. It showed that KISS was most associated with a party mood; it makes people feel good and want to dance, and they see it as fresh, relevant and cool.